Chai FM Radio Live Online

Chai FM Radio Live Online . It is Africa’s only Jewish community radio station outside of Israel . It broadcast from Johannesburg, South Africa on 101.9 FM .

Chai FM Radio Live Online

Programs : The Morning Mayhem with the Team , The New Blue Review with Benji Shulman , Dischem Medical Monday with Kathy Kaler , The Culture Vulture with Roz Bass , Confidential Brief with Chad Thomas , Mystical Texts with Aidel Kazilsky ,Chai Chinuch Show Info with Rabbi G , Chai Kids , Chai Drive with The ChaiFM Team , The Sports Huck with Raymond Hack and Martin Cohen

Presenters : Benji Shulman , Kathy Kaler , Roz Bass , Chad Thomas , Aidel Kazilsky , Rabbi G , Raymond Hack , Martin Cohen

Official Website : Visit Website

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